Current Date:

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Intl Cooperation Minister Pledges Support to Eastern Sudan Development Fund

Khartoum- Minister of International Cooperation Idris Suleiman has received a delegation of Eastern Sudan Development and Rehabilitation Fund, headed by the executive director of the fund, Engineer Abu-Obeida Mohamed Duj, who briefed him on the efforts being exerted by the fund.
Duj said the delegation briefed the minister on the efforts exerted by East Sudan Development and Rehabilitation Fund in the past period and its future plans.
He pointed out that the fund has submitted its basic needs to the committee on preparations of projects to the conference on Sudan development, which is scheduled for the 4th quarter of the current year in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The Minister of International Cooperation, on his part, praised the efforts of the fund and pledged support to it, stressing the importance of maintaining close coordination between the two sides for benefiting from the aid that comes from the international organizations and agencies.