Khartoum – (Khalda Elyas) Minister of Minerals, Prof. Hashim Ali Salim affirmed that the Ministry will become the major minister in bring the Sudanese economy out of its crisis,

affirming that the next stage will witness concentrating in agricultural sector by the support of the Ministry of Minerals.
He affirmed that he will complete what Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Sadiq Al-Karouri has started and will build on that, adding that they will continue the projects which has already started.
For his part, ex-Minister of Minerals, Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Sadiq Al-Karouri said that the mineralshas become one of the most important sectors. He added that the last report of the World Bank is but evidence that Sudan is heading to become on top of the African countries in terms of gold production.
He added that gold export revenues in 2016 amounted to 37% of Sudan’s exports, pointing out that the Ministry is endevouring to increase the production this year, hence increasing the exportation.