Current Date:

Saturday, 17 November 2018

International, American, and British Documents Affirms Affiliation of Halayeb to Sudan

Khartoum - The Sudanese Survey Authority has affirmed existence of documents at the American Congress and the American Central Intelligence ?Agency (CIA) that prove

affiliation of Halayeb trinagle to Sudan
General Manager of the said Authority Professor Abdalla Al-Sadiq Abdallah told (SMC) that Sudan has all the documents and files that prove Sudanism of the triangle, noting that the documents are now in the congress and the CIA and the British library that affirms this fact.
He said Sudan can protest using these doucments in the event of the international arbitration over the issue of Halayeb.
For his part, consultant of information technology at Dubai government, Dr. Omer Fadlala has disclosed existence of hundreds of documents and authenticated and accredited maps that prove affilaitaion of Halayeb and Shalatin to Sudan, in addition to the accredited maps at the United Nations, along with tens of dcuments in the Britsh libraries and archaives and the Egyptian British institutions.
Omer further affirmed that the documents and files of the American congress proves affiliation of Halayeb triangle to Sudan, affirming that they date back to the period of 1909-1980, and they were dreawn by the CIA and the war office in Britain saying that they are accredited maps .