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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Regional Workshop on SWAP Teams Men and Women’s Capacity-building Kicks-off in Ghana

Accra  -  Ghanaian Minister of Environment addressed yesterday the opening session of a  five-day regional workshop on SWAP teams men and women’s capacity building for the use of social media and collaborative web2.0 tools for development kicked yesterday at Palm Hotel in Accra, Ghana, with a participation of several journalists representing 12 African countries in the period 12-16 February 2017 .
He explained  the great potentials of Ghana ,point to the vision of Ghana in benefiting from such rich resources , beside the wide agricultural lands, added that they have detailed program in combating drought , and the program will be implemented into many phases. He talked about Ghana policies in expositing the rivers water and the ground water as a natural source.
He also tackled the issue of energy indicated to the importance of solar energy as renewable source of energy.