Current Date:

Friday, 16 November 2018

Minerals Ministry Develops Strategy for Mining Sector after US Sanctions Lifting

Khartoum - The Minister of Minerals Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Sadiq Al-Karuri described the decision lifting the economic sanctions imposed on Sudan as historic and would have a

positive impact on the Sudan economy.
Dr. Al-Karuri said that Sudan economy would upsurge again after being shackled with those decisions, which prevented it from dealing with the American and European companies.
This came when he addressed to the meeting Sunday of the units of the ministry including the Geological Research Corporation, the Sudanese Company for Mineral Resources and Ariab Company to discuss ways to develop a new strategy for the minerals sector to be followed during the period after the lifting of US economic sanctions on Sudan.
The minister said that the mining sector was one of the sectors affected by those sanctions as a result of its prevention from bring in modern technology as well as finance and banking transfers a matter that affected the operating companies in the sector, adding that Sudan had been preventing from everything that could develop mining operations even the marketing of gold was affected by those penalties, revealing there were attempts to obstruct the export of Sudanese gold.
The minister expected flow of funding, import of drilling machineries, exchange of banking transfers and import of modern laboratories as well training and benefiting from the experiences of the relevant foreign entities in these fields besides taking advantage of the new situation for the development of Sudan's minerals sector.
For his part, the Director of Ariab Mining Company Nasr-Eddin Al-Hussein said that the meeting, which was held at the headquarters of Ariab Company at the initiative of the Minister of Minerals, focused on developing a vision of how to deal in the mining sector after the lifting of the economic embargo, revealing that they have received calls from a number of Western companies and investors the US ban hampered them to engage in mining investment in Sudan.
Al-Hussein considered that the meeting was necessary to review the policies and strategies in minerals sector in line with this big move which began in Sudan, revealing that they are in the Ministry of Minerals received Sunday, in the presence of Dr. Al-Karuri an important Gulf investor, who is the first investor arrived in Sudan after these decisions to begin joint work with Ariab company and with the rest of the minerals sector.