Current Date:

Friday, 16 November 2018

Political Forces: Prospected Government Will Implement Dialogue Outcomes

Khartoum - A number of polticians have unanimously said that the mission of the national consensus government which is expected to be announced in upcoming period is

implementing the agreed on outcomes of the national dialogue while leading opposition figures who participated in the national dialogue have stressed these outcomes are deemed to be a completion of the elements of the Suadnese State build up.
A forum held at Martyr Al Zubeir Conference Centre yesterday entitled “The pillars of building up the Sudanese state” has highlghted the political, ecoomic and social pillars and to what extent the outcomes of the national dialogue have realized these requirements.
NCP Political Sector Deputy Chairman, Dr. Umbli Al-Agab said while addressing the forum that the new government must complete these elements.
He noted that the national dialogue has stressed the constants of the unity of the people of Sudan through agreeing on the national document that included the program of ruling the country for all the people of Sudan and answered the question of how to rule Sudan.
Al Agab further affirmed that commttment to the document will end tribalism and give a room for women and youths.
For his part the leading figure of Al-Mustagbal Forces for Change Al-Tayeb Mustafa the President of the Just Peace Forum has considered the outcomes of the national dialogue as a base for launching the modern state which is based on democracy and peaceful transfer of power, noting that the outcomes have responded to many of the requirmenets of establishing a democratic system which is a goal pursued by the NCP.
He added that the outcomes have expressed the desires of the Sudanese people and responded to the national requirements, noting that devising the post of Prime Minister aims to implement the outcomes of the national dialogue due to the discussants agreement on that.
He called for increasing the percentage of appointment in the parlaiment and involving them in the government for incentvising the holdouts and the armed movements abroad to return.