Current Date:

Sunday, 18 November 2018

President: The Dialogue Outcomes and State Reform Programme Preserve Rural Rights

Khartoum - President of the Republic, Omer Al Bashir said that the national dialogue document and the state reform program enable the the people of the countryside and preserve their rights in various fields, noting that the Salvation Revolution has sought to transfer the medical and educational services, clean water to citizens in rural areas.
Addressing, on Saturday, a rally in Al-Sarorab area, Karrari Locality, Al Bashir said that the man of the countryside expresses and represents the Sudanese values ??of tolerance and morality.
He said the services should go to citizens wherever they are, pointing out that the coming stage will witness attention to the localities and give them real resources, stressing that the reform of the state begins by the establishment of elected local councils sponsor the interests of citizens, noting that it represents one of the outcomes of the national dialogue.
President of the Republic directed for the establishment of hospitals and medical centers, near high ways.
For his part, Governor of Khartoum, General Abdul Rahim Mohamed Hussein affirmed that the state government is seeking to prepare map for all the state agricultural lands, to preserve the rights of rural people, besides organization and planning of all the villages in Khartoum State.
Minister of Health in Khartoum State, Prof. Mamoun Homaida said that Sarurab Hospital represents medical integrated achievement with therapeutic services, pointing out that rural hospitals has become central ones and enjoy emergency services, intensive care consultants.