Current Date:

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

As Khartoum Celebrates Independence, Consultations on National Accord Government Starts

Khartoum -The High Committee for celebrating the (61st) anniversary of the   glorious independence in Khartoum locality has disclosed inauguration of celebration of

independence anniversary form inside the dome   of the Legislative Council of Khartoum State.
Commissioner of Khartoum Locality Lt. General Ahmed Ali Osman told SMC following committee meeting that the meeting has reviewed preparation for the celebration by setting suitable restrictions so that the occasion will come out in a manner appropriate to its greatness with regards to securing celebrations and the smooth flow of traffic
He said the meeting has touched on the developmental sites proposed to be inaugurated during the marking of Independence Day which include a number of schools, parks, markets and services facilities.
He further noted that the committee has deciding holding qualitative celebrations at the administrative units along with holding the celebration of independence evening on the thirty first of the current month in a number of locality sites in addition to establishing low price sale markets over all the administrative units in the context of the state’s efforts to avoid impacts of the recent economic decisions.
Meanwhile, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and leading member of the Democratic Unionist Party- Origin, Ahmed Saad Omer has disclosed that consultations will begin in the coming days on the formation of the National Accord Government.
Speaking to SMC, he pointed out that the constitutional amendments, which are currently being tabled before the National Legislature, will be followed by the birth of the National Accord Government, whose main program will be the implementation of the outcome of the National Dialogue.
Meanwhile, Ahmed Saad Omer, who is chairman of the committee of political activities for the celebrations of the Independence Day, has said the main theme of the program of the committee is the dissemination of the outcome of the National Dialogue and boosting the national consensus on it.
He indicated that a number of political symposia will be held on the meanings and values of the Independence Day which will be addressed by the leaders of the political parties and national figures.