Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Dr. Al-Amir: Strong will to Support Transition to New Budget Approach

Khartoum – (SUNA) The State Minister at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Muslim Ahmad Al-Amir has affirmed availability of strong political will to support the transformation to the new approach in the preparation of the programs and performance budget and move from the budget of items that prevailed in the previous period. He stressed that the proposals would be discussed in accordance with the priorities, programs and strategic objectives agreed upon to achieve economic stability, improve the livelihood of people, reform the civil service, restore the rule of law and fight corruption, calling on ministries and government units to discuss their proposals in accordance with the said objectives, pointing to the doubling of revenues in the budget of programs and performance as well as the reform of the methodology in the preparation of the budget by changing the way the budget is managed, revealing continuation in supporting goods subsidy to make it at hand of the vulnerable groups. This came during his briefing to the employees of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning on the budget of the performance and programs in preparation for the discussion of the proposals of the government ministries and units at the premises of ministry, in the presence of the Undersecretary of the ministry Omer Farajullah and the General Directors at the ministry. He said that some units have put their proposals beyond all expectations, stressing that the budget program is national adopted by the State and it is applied by all ministries and states. Dr. Al-Amir pointed out that the budget of items did not achieve the ambitions, revealing that the budget of programs will work to achieve a goal its results and performance can be measured, calling for benefiting from the experience and listing of the constraints and challenges facing the units during the discussion of proposals and work to overcome them, explaining that the programs in the budget from 3 to 7 are the programs of the ministries and government units.   The minister pointed out that the brochure was issued with the table and structure of the budget in accordance with the budget of the programs. He asserted that all the ministries and government units were trained as well as the states, legislative councils and governors, in addition to the states ministers of finance, the undersecretaries of the ministries and general managers of the government units.