Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Refugees Commissioner Stands on Ethiopian Refugees Conditions in Gedaref State

Khartoum -  Border area of ??Bazoura, Basenda Locality, received large numbers of Ethiopians who fled as a result of recent internal conflicts and unrest in the area, where the number of escapees reached 391 Ethiopian men, women and children who were accommodated in the area.
Refugees Commissioner, Hamad Al-Jozouli, Commissioner of Basenda Locality, Director General of Ministry of Health,  Director General of the Ministry of Social Welfare, the heads of the security services, armed forces, police, NISS, High Commissioner for Refugees, World Food Organization and UNICEF visited the area of ??Bazoura to stand in the field on the situation of the fleeing Ethiopians.
Al-Jozouli welcomed the refugees , praising the efforts of Gedaref government on the provision of support and shelter, pointing out that this visit comes in accordance with the directives of the President of the Republic and Minister of the Interior to stand on the situation of the refugees and to know their needs, pointing out that Sudan hosts 2 million refugees from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, CAR and South Sudan despite economic conditions.
Basenda Commissioner said that the state government provided them with food and treatment, pointing out that the number of refugees is increasing daily, while Bashir Khan, Commissioner for Refugees, pointed out to the coordination of all efforts with the international community organizations to support the Ethiopian refugees and support their choice of voluntary return or the option of staying in the Sudanese camps.