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Friday, 14 December 2018

Muttaz: Informed on Arrangements for Launching School Tournament

Khartoum  – (SUNA) The  Prime Minister, Muttaz Musa was briefed on ongoing  preparations for launching the  28th National School Tournament which will be  held  in   Nyala City  in  South Darfur state.
This came on Wednesday, when he met at his office in Council of Ministers, the Minister of Education, Mashaer Al-Dawalab.
Al-Dawalab, said in press sttaements  that all preparations  have been completed for kicking off the 28th National School Tournament.
She announced that the Prime Minister will open the Tournament,  adding that Musa assured  importance of continuing in  achieving  the education -based  comprehensive development .
 The Minister pointing out that the meeting reaffirmed student activity as a base in the educational process.