Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

German Companies to Review Capabilities in Mining Services

Khartoum - The Sudanese Minerals Resources Company SMRC in collaboration with Mi’raj for Space Technologies Company and its German partners working in the sector of mining and geology services presented yesterday Wednesday 14th November 2018 , at the ministry of oil, gas and minerals a detained presentation to review the capabilities of German companies in the field of mining .
Engineer Mohamed Ali Badawi, representative Mi’raj Company for mining services shed light on the cooperation between the Sudanese mining companies and the German companies. He pointed to that the idea is to explain the German capabilities and to benefit from the Advanced German technologies, in order to cooperate in the field of mining particularly after the lifting of US economic sanctions.
Engineer Badawi pointed to that they work to cooperate in the field of exploring, and investment. He added this will be through feasibility studies, technical aspects and determining of the stock, besides dividing the profits, and the investment. He said this cooperation will be also in training and capacity building.
On his part, Steven Peter, representative of the German companies DMT reviewed   an informative, scientific presentation of the most developed and advanced German technology, on Quality – Innovation Future ADMT. He presented it in 50 minutes and more. He explained the vision and mission and user of the German companies working in the field mining services.
He briefed on the history of the company which establishes in 1990, it works expanded to become group of German Companies providing its mining services and advanced technologies worldwide.
Peter detailed on that DMT provides professional, multidisciplinary services to support all aspects of mine development from exploration and feasibility studies through to design, operational assistance and training  .He added that they work in the field of mining, oil and gas, civil engineering and infrastructure, plant Engineering, and Process Engineer . He pointed to the services that DMT presenting including exploration, engineering, consulting and geotechnics. He reviewed their experiences worldwide noted to some Asian and African countries providing their services.
Participants from the Sudanese Minerals resources company SMRC and other company work in the field of mining discussed frankly the issues and problems, facing the mining sector and the requirements to overcome the problems.