Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Foreign Ministry Reveals UNAMID's Exit Strategy

Khartoum - The National Assembly, in its meeting yesterday, approved the Foreign Ministry's response to the query of MP Al-Tahir Hassan Aboud on the dimensions of the

gradual withdrawal scheduled for the UNAMID mission from Sudan.
Foreign Affairs State Minister, Osama Faisal said that the agreement on the exit strategy of UNAMID mission signed between the Sudanese government, the African Union and the United Nations in 2015 stipulated that the exit of the mission to gradual in terms of time and components of the mission, saying that the first phase of reduction of UNAMID has done smoothly, stressing the keenness of his ministry to implement the second phase.
The minister said 11 of UNAMID's sites had been closed and that the military component had been withdrawn and replaced by UNAMID police units, noting that UNAMID sites  that had been received by the governments of Darfur states and provided the necessary facilities to transport UNAMED and its equipment to their countries in coordination with UNAMID, referring to measures to avoid any setbacks after the withdrawal of UNAMID by increasing the spread of police, prosecutors, judges and advisers and focus on supporting stability and reconstruction.
It is to be noted that the National Assembly had heard a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where it was referred to the competent committee.