Current Date:

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Mutaz Affirms State Interest in Supporting Animal Production Sector

Khartoum – National Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Mutaz Musa affirmed the state’s interest to support animal production sector and all issues that promote the level of

animal husbandry  to move and increase animal production  in the area of export and support the national economy.
This came during inspected visits to the slaughterhouses of Karrari and Sabaloqa, Ombadda Locality, where the prime minister directed ministries of animal resources and industry and investment of Khartoum State to coordinate and address all technical and main challenges that facing the work of export slaughterhouses and raise its efficiency, in accordance with the required health conditions and specifications to contribute in the development of meat export.
For his part, State Minister at the Ministry Animal Wealth affirmed that the ministry follows-up addressing of challenges facing the slaughterhouses and its interest in its work to play its full role in the export processes. While Minister of Industry and Investment, Khartoum State, pledged to address problems facing the slaughterhouses and raise its efficiency, praising the private sector in developing investment projects.