Current Date:

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Finance Ministry Reveals Features of 2019 Budget Guidelines

Khartoum -  Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning revealed the most important features of 2019 budgets guidelines, where State Minister at the Ministry of Finance, Dr. Mosalem Al-Amir affirmed a close link between the guidelines and the strategic goals of the state that represented  in the sustainability  of economic stability,  improvement of people living,  rule of law and corruption fight.
Heading the Minister Council, the minister presented further explanation on the guidelines and approach of the budget and the expected challenges, affirming coordination between the planning and executive bodies, represented in the Higher Council for Strategic Planning, Ministry of Finance, and Central Bank of Sudan in the preparation of the budgets.
The State Minister affirmed the continuation of efforts to improve foreign relations, referring to the satisfaction of the international community on the economic reform policies of the state, saying that revision of customs exemptions is one of the most guidelines of the budget.
The meeting agreed to strengthen the social security bodies to protect citizen, and assured the on the readiness of institutions to combat smuggling and tax evasion, application of computer systems and improving the efficiency of collection to push the state efforts to increase revenues without burdening citizen.