Current Date:

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Sudanese Italian Cooperation on Illegal Immigration

Khartoum - The President of the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development has disclosed the agency’s support to the activities of combating the forging of documents in Sudan by a sum of one million Euros.
He said Italy is committed to supporting Sudan in the field of immigration while the International Organization for Emigration has affirmed its full commitment to developing immigration administration as Sudan is facing immigration challenges due to its geographical location.
For his part Lt. General Police Awad Al Nil Dhaeya  , the President of the Administration of passports and civil  records has expressed thanks to the Italy for its attention to this aspect of training particularly Sudan is a vast country a matter that facilitate the operation of the follow of illegal immigration and the training project comes in the context of coordinating between Sudan and Italy through the International Organization of Migration (IOM)  he considered  the programme as a good start.
In the context of promoting the capacities of the elements dealing with this crime an agreement was signed between the Sudanese Police and the Italian National Security for cooperation in combating the crime particularly human trafficking.
In the context of containing the illegal immigration from within Sudan particularly from refugees’ camps or those who infiltrate into Sudan and stay for long periods the project of enlisting foreigners was acknowledged.   A big number of them were enlisted however it is not easy to control the borders of an area exceeding 7000 km opened to a number of countries a matter that place a heavy burden on us saying that “to control these activities we resorted to the international community to contributed with us in controlling the illegal terrific from the countries across Sudan to Europe across Egypt and Libya.
For his part the Italian Ambassador Fabrizio Lobasso has praised the role played by the Italian Embassy on international cooperation in funding the program of the Sudanese training officers saying that “ the document training course is important in detecting faked documents  noting that they are according big attention to the issue of illegal migration stressing that Italy has concluded with Sudan and agreement on returning the illegal immigrants  from Italy to Sudan including Sudanese nationals and others and this agreement is now being implemented.