Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Partnership Agreement to Cover All Workers under the Umbrella of Health Insurance

Khartoum - The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF ), the Sudanese  Businessmen and Employers  Federation and  Sudan Workers Trade Unions  Federation will  sign  today " Monday" a partnership agreement to cover all workers in the private sector  under the umbrella of  health insurance  .

The partnership agreement under the slogan "integrated effort to comprehensive  coverage  ,which will be participated by Engineer Widad Yagoub. Minister of Security and Social Development, President of the Confederation of Employers Saud Maamoun Al-Berarr and President of the General Federation of Sudanese Workers ' unions, engineer Yousef Ali Abdelkarim

 National Health Insurance Fund aims at alleviating the risks of the high cost of health services on both the government and population and securing the quality and accessibility of health services. It was established in 1994, firstly implemented in 1995.

Provides Health Services to insured population in availability of Health Professionals in the remote area by improving working and living environments;  to achieving the values of social solidarity, equity, community participation, transparency and stewardship. Also to participate in poverty reduction, improving access to the health services; to reduce the burden of health expenditure among vulnerable groups. Many factors related to human resources for health influence the health outcomes and accessibility to health services:

Therefore, the National Health Insurance Fund aims to bridge the gap by making an attractive environment to the staff, conducting in service training and motivate the staff to participate in the international workshops training courses to exchange experiences and gain more knowledge and skills.