Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Sudanese Consumer Protection Society Reviews the Consumer National Act

Khartoum - In the context of Sudanese consumer day the Sudanese Consumer Protection Society (SCPS) organized Tuesday 18th September 2018, a workshop to discuss the Sudanese Consumer Act, under the theme “The National Consumer Protection Act , Why ?” .
The workshop which was attended by Deans of Faculties of Law in the Sudanese universities, academics and economic experts, took place at the Sudanese Banks Union in Khartoum.
Chairman of the SCPS, Dr. Nasr al Din Shulgami, shed light on the efforts exerted by the SCPS to issue and approve the consumer protection act since 2005, pointing out to the enormous obstacles facing the approval of the act despite fulfilling all the legal requirements needed. He added that the SCPS launched in 2011 an initiative titled (Expensive Is Up) as means assisting in solving the economic difficulties facing the people living.
Deputy General Manager of the Sudanese Standards Metrology Organization (SSMO), Engineer Zakaria Mohamed Suleiman explained that the approval of the Sudanese consumer national act  is one of the urgent requirements pointing to the specialized court of consumer, and specialized police of consumer. He encouraged the forming of specialized body to protect the consumer.  
He stressed on the approval of the national act of Sudanese consumer,  adding that the  act will never contradict with the state policy in liberating economy .
He pointed to the role of the SSMO in the consumer protection since its establishment in 1992, appreciating the efforts of the SCPS in the consumer protection.
The secretary general of the SCPS, Dr. Yassir Merghani, affirmed that they will continue their efforts in the society, pointing out to the importance of the national act which was adopted all legal aspects. He called on the approval of the act for the sake of the Sudanese consumer. He stressed on the role of mass media in informing with the activities of the SCPS and its role. He considered all participants in the workshop to discuss the act of Sudanese consumer law are members in the SCPS. 
Dr. Omer from the SPSC reviewed the draft of the act in its legal form and shape.
Legal scholars and experts, lawyers presented their legal point of views and opinions in amending and correcting some articles according to legal aspects. They all described this law as good from legal point of view.