Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Attorney General Reveals Formation of Committee to Review anti-Human Trafficking Agreements

Khartoum-The Attorney General Omer Ahmed Mohamed, has called on all countries to exchange information on crimes of human trafficking and illegal migration, stressing the

importance of confiscation of money attained from the crimes and ensuring the return of victims of the crime besides boosting capacities of police, the prosecution and judges to curb the crimes.
The Attorney General also called in his address to the conference of attorney generals of the African and European countries held at Sharam Al Shiekh, Egypt, for finding solutions to the causes of human trafficking and illegal migration phenomena through establishment of development projects, and provision of job opportunities for the youths and combating poverty.
Mohamed noted that Sudan is a country of transition concerning human trafficking and illegal migration, affirming that the Sudanese constitution criminalize human trafficking and illegal migration, adding that Sudan is a participant in many agreements and initiatives on combating the crimes.
He pointed out that the Sudan had adopted a number of measures for curbing human trafficking and illegal migration crimes including establishment of special prosecution office and court for the crimes as it also set up a committee for reviewing recommendations of international conferences and agreements in this connection.