Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

SWU Encourages Families to House Gardening in Khartoum

Khartoum – Dr. Ahlam Al-Faki, Secretary General of the Sudanese  Women Union (SWU) in Khartoum state and the SWU secretaries of the different localities had on

Saturday 15t September 2018,  visited  some rural areas in west Omdurman to stand on the  ongoing of the  concentrated project of (Our food is from our house). This project is launched as an initiative from the SWU in Khartoum   State. It targets the rural women in Khartoum state encouraging families   to   garden vegetables and fruits including mango, orange, palm, at homes, besides breeding goats for their products including milk and meats.
Ahlam added that the project would help these families in self-satisfaction of their home needs and assist in increasing the income. She pointed to that the SWU is working with the financing banks to finance such projects which play a role in increasing product and productivity. She noted that the success of these projects will help in reducing poverty. 
The SWU Secretary  General and the delegate had visited four areas  in Karrari locality in Omdurman, they appreciated the efforts of women who implemented these projects including home gardening and making washing  soap with its different shapes solid and liquid at home under the supervision of trainers of training TOT  from the  SWU.
Dr. Ahlam encouraged he rural women to expand in their products not only for their families, but to their neighbors and the surrounding areas.  She promised to provide assistance in coordination and collaboration with the officials, concerned bodies and civil society organizations.