Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Leaderships at External Offices of Armed Movements to Join Peace Process Soon

Nyala- (SMC) The Historical Leadership Movement has disclosed that a number of field commanders of the armed movements inside and outside the country are to join the peace process soon as it affirmed that peace is strategic option for all holdout movements.
Secretary of Organization at the movement Chieftain Hashim Abu Al-Bashar said in a statement to SMC that contacts they had made with leaders of the movements have achieved great success in convincing them to join the peace process, indicating that their contacts included the external offices of the holdout movements, whose leaders have expressed desire for reaching peaceful solutions on outstanding issues with the government and joining peace.
Abu Al-Bashar affirmed that Darfur had done away with the rebellion idea as the area is now enjoying peace and stability, a matter that is reflected in the great flow of voluntary returnees to their areas in the five states of Darfur.