Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Council of Ministers Affirms Good Governance and Economic Reform

Khartoum- The Council of Ministers directed in its first sitting chaired by Prime Minister Mutaz Musa yesterday the ministers and state ministers in the new government of national accord to present three projects in the fields of economic recovery, improvement of the living conditions of the people, good governance, rule of law, combating corruption and reform of the civil service in 24 hours to be implemented in the coming period.
Spokesman of the Council of Ministers Dr. Omer Mohamed Salih said the Prime Minister urged the ministers to work for implementation of the outcome of the National Dialogue.
The Council expressed thanks and appreciation to First Vice President 1st. Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh who had led the council of ministers in difficult times which led to surpassing a number of challenges.
The Prime Minister welcomed the ministers, thanking them for accepting this responsibility.
The ministers affirmed that they would focus on attaining peace, stabilization of the rate of the national currency, boosting public services provided to the citizens in addition to adoption of the principles of transparency and accountability and boosting the economy to attain high growth rate.