Khartoum-( Mona Mustafa) Director of Morale and Services Department of the Armed Forces Maj. Gen. Fatahal-Rahman Mohamed Ahmed has got acquainted during a visit to Al-Nuhud town on the effects of rains floods that hit the town recently besides the effort exerted to ward off these effects and strategic vision adopted to prevent recurrence of such effects
The representative of the Armed Forces met during his visit to Al-Nuhud town with the Commissioner of Al-Nuhud Locality and a number of chieftains and citizens and inspected the situations of a number of families who had lost their houses as a result of rains and floods.
He pointed out that the visit aims at showing solidarity and support of the Armed Forces to the people of Al-Nuhud town in the face of the damages caused by rains and floods.
The representative of the Armed Forces pointed out that the visit, which came as part of the activities of celebrations of the 64th. Anniversary of the Armed Forces Day, affirms that the Armed Forces is a genuine partner in sustainable development besides its work for the security and building of the homeland.
He explained that the Armed Forces has extended support to the people affected by floods and rains in the town and made available all its capabilities for warding off their effects.
The Commissioner of Al-Nuhud Locality, Salih Suliman, on his part, expressed thanks to the Armed Forces, which has extended the necessary support for the affected people since the beginning.
Commander of the 18th. Brigade in Al Nuhud Brig. Al Nur Al Badawi, on his part, said the Armed Forces was at the forefront of supporting the people of Al Nuhud town.