Current Date:

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Reality of Labor Market at the Public and Private Sectors

Khartoum-As part of its social work and activities Sudan Foundation organizes today a workshop on the reality of labor market at the public and private sectors. The workshop organizes under the theme (Future Vision from strategic perspective). It aims to discuss the reality of the labor market in the public and private sectors to employ graduates of the  universities and technical institutes.
Sudan Foundation organizes this workshop as an initiative to coordinate efforts between the public and private bodies work in the labor and employment of youths and graduates, aiming that the recommendations of the workshop to be a practical implementation in the public life.
Sudan Foundation as a non-profitable voluntary organization is working through the society activity gate aiming to fulfil development and growth to Sudan and to realize social and economic development. To increase product and productivity, to combat poverty and to create new opportunities for the youth and graduates in the context of integration with the efforts of the government to realize the national comprehensive development.