Current Date:

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Saudi Troops in Separate Joint Drills with US and Sudanese Forces

JEDDAH: (Arab News) A joint military drill between Saudi Arabia and the US army, Shield of Prevention-2 has kicked off on Sunday to support security, stability and cooperation in the region.
A statement on the Saudi Press Agency announced that branches of the Saudi Royal Land Forces have joined the military exercise with the friendly US armed forces.
Maj. Gen. Marei bin Saad Al-Amri has welcomed the participants in military drill, as he praised the participation of US forces in this exercise.
He also thanked participants for their efforts in the planning and preparation stages for the military drill.
Al-Amri said the exercise aims to raise the competencies of the participating forces, allows the exchanging of expertise between the Saudi and American forces, and raises the training  level of the Saudi Armed Forces.   
Maj.Gen. Khalid bin Abdullah Al-Shiblan, general supervisor of the exercise, said that the objectives of the exercise are to reach the highest degree of coordination between the various branches of the Saudi armed forces and respond immediately and effectively against any crises.
As well as achieving national level cooperation with other government bodies, he added.
In addition, as part of the Determination 1, field exercises kicked off on Sunday between the Saudi Royal Land Forces and the Sudanese Army in the attendance of Northern Region’s Major General Salah bin Ahmad Al-Zahrani and several Sudanese military officers.