Current Date:

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Turkey Starts its Investments in Oil Field in Sudan by Sum of $100 Million

Khartoum-Turkey has expressed readiness for starting its investments in the oil field in Sudan by a sum of 100 million dollars for development of production at Blocks 17/ 2B after completion of technical studies for development of current production.
The Sudanese  Minister of Petroleum and Gas welcomed entry of Turkey in investments in the oil and gas sector in the country, especially in increasing oil production through explorations, development of oilfields, financing of importation of petroleum products and construction of Port Sudan Refinery.
The Minister commended concern of Turkey with implementation of the joint cooperation projects, expecting flourishing of the relations between the two countries in the field of oil and gas under current Sudan openness towards the external world after the lifting of the US economic sanctions that had been imposed on the country.
The Deputy Turkish Minister of Trade, Al Fateh Matien, on his part, said his visit to Sudan aims at discussing aspects of cooperation between the two countries in a view to enhancing bilateral relations, especially the agreement on cooperation in the oil field.
He announced start of Turkish investments in the oil field by a sum of 100 million dollars besides provision of technical support in the field of training.