Khartoum - The Leadership Office of the National Congress Party (NCP), chaired by President of the Republic and NCP Chairman Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir, approved in an

emergency meeting at the early hours of yesterday dissolution of the government and reduction of the ministries of the executive organ from 31 ministries to 21 ministries.
The Leadership Office of the NCP underscored that the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Presidential Affairs and Defense as caretaker ministers till formation of the new government.
Meanwhile, the NCP Leadership Office approved appointment of 1st. Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh as First Vice President, Osman Mohamed Yusuf Kibir as Vice President and Mutaz Musa as Prime Minister.
Presidential Aide and Deputy Chairman of the NCP Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim said in a press statement at the headquarters of the party that some ministries would be merged and others cancelled as part of the comprehensive reform of the state.
He explained that the initiative of the President of the Republic which he presented on Sunday before the Higher Coordination Committee for Implementation of the Outcome of the National Dialogue and also to the Leadership Office of the NCP is considered as the second step on the way of reform.
Dr. Faisal said the reduction of the executive organ would take place at the federal, state and local levels, affirming commitment of the National Congress Party to partnership with the political forces.
He pointed out that all the political forces of the National Dialogue have announced their support to the initiative.
Dr. Faisal indicated that agreement has been reached to reduce five ministries of NCP and similar number of that of the other political forces in the government of national accord besides reduction of state ministers by 50% and cancellation of posts of commissioners at the headquarters of government of states besides the commissions, indicating that the number of localities, which totals 189, would be reconsidered.
President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir notified the Higher Coordination Committee for Following up Implementation of the Outcome of the National Dialogue during a meeting at the Republican Palace Sunday on his intention to dissolve the government at the levels of the Presidency, federal ministers and state ministers as important step for resolving the economic situations the country had witnessed during the past period.
President Al Bashir added that the step aims at forming an effective and slim government that would respond to the aspirations of the Sudanese people for welfare.
The President affirmed that he would not blame any specific person for what had happened, saying that the ultimate goal is to upgrade performance and utilization of the vast resources of the country.
He pointed out that they would work in the national accord government as one team for resolving the problems and facing challenges to take the country into bright future.
Al Bashir affirmed that the government of national accord is united in supporting the step through the strong backing of its representatives with the aim of reduction of public spending and attainment of effective government performance to meet the requirements of the national tasks.