Khartoum – (Zuleikha Abdul Raziq – Najat Ahmed) President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir revealed the formation of the new cabinet in the coming two days

after the newly appointed prime minister completes his consultations to lead the executive work towards achieving the national programme aiming at economical balance.
He reiterated, in his nation-wide address yesterday, that the priorities of the upcoming government is to implement a detailed programme to reform the civil service through restructuring the ministries and government institutions along with adapting the required austerity measures in government expenditure and enhancing the enhancing the investment environment to make it more attractive.
He affirmed that the new cabinet will prepare 2019 budget in concentration on improving the livelihood of the citizens according to sustainable procedures aiming at achieving coordination and harmony among the ministries and government institutions.
“The follow-up of the implementation of the national dialogue recommendations will be on top of the priorities of the new government” Al Bashir said.
He disclosed that the Presidency will reduce the structure of the local governance structure on the level of ministries and localities according to the recommendations of the Decentralization System Evaluation Conference.
He called on the upcoming cabinet to adapt the principles of transparency and accountability.
Al Bashir praised the stances of the Sudanese people who understood the pressuring economic conditions a matter that aborted the attempts of those who thought that the tough livelihood will lead to social tensions.
Meanwhile, First Vice President 1st. Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh has affirmed that the dissolution of the national accord government was necessitated by specific economic conditions, pointing out that the government had made wide strides in implementation of the outcome of the National Dialogue.
The First Vice President was addressing an emergency session of the Council of Ministers yesterday, which was earmarked for bidding farewell to the ministers and state ministers following the decision of the President of the Republic, which stipulated the dissolution of the government of national accord.
Saleh commended performance of the ministers in the past period, reaffirming commitment of the state to implementation of the outcome of the National Dialogue.
Former Minister of Information Dr. Ahmed Bilal Osman said in a press statement following the meeting that the political forces support the steps adopted by the President of the Republic for the reform, explaining that the ministers appreciated appointment of Mutaz Musa as Prime Minister.
He affirmed readiness of all to support the new prime minister.
Meanwhile spokesman of the Council of Ministers, Dr. Omer Mohamed Saleh said in a press statement that many of members of the National Accord Government commended the approach adopted by the FVP in leading the work of the Council of Ministers during the past period.