Khartoum - The Ministry of General Education has announced a comprehensive national plan for literacy and adult education in the states by the end of the year 2020 to

declare the Sudan free of illiteracy

The Minister of  General Education Asia Abdullah  said at the celebration of International Literacy Day "under the slogan ," Literacy and Skills Development" the Ministry has exerted efforts  with partners to coordinate and recruit students through curriculum development and capacity raising, which has led to a decline in illiteracy rates

 The Minister said  the presidential initiative towards literacy comes to achieves Sudan's overall goals to end illiteracy over the next  years, adding that one of the most important reasons for the illiteracy is the security instability in some states and the movement of tribes nomads and some cultures in some areas in addition to the living conditions of some families Which makes children work to help their families, which requires addressing these issues through the plan and the integration of roles between different actors.
 Mohamed Hammad, Secretary General of the National Literacy Council, said the Council is working on a society free of illiteracy among adults, young people and children, enabling them to continue lifelong education and develop their capacities to contribute to sustainable development

 The overall strategic objective is to eliminate literacy by the year 2030 and achieve the goals of sustainable development

 The microfinance project for the Sustainable development for  rural women in Northern Kordofan State for the sustainable education of the rural family and girls to eradicating the illiteracy of 16000 women and 6000 girls over the age of 10 and 12000 under the age of 10, Hammad said
 230 villages were targeted for development projects to contribute to the family's economic activity to fight poverty.

 UNICEF renewed its commitment to support Sudan to achieve the goal to bring all children to school. Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Dodd, from UNICEF , confirmed the support  in  helping in life skills programs for children