Current Date:

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Sudan Reaffirms Commitment to Supporting Efforts to Combat AIDS Disease

Khartoum-Wife of the President of the Republic Dr. Widad Babiker Omer has affirmed that Sudan is exerting intensive efforts

for combating AIDS disease through the national strategy, which was launched by the President of the Republic, and his sponsorship to all efforts for combating the disease.
Sayida Dr. Widad Babiker said in her address before the meeting in the Chinese capital of Beijing of first ladies for advocating combating of AIDS disease that the intensive efforts of Sudan have realized many achievements as prevention and treatment services are being extended to patients of AIDS virus through many windows with continuous development to these services.
She added that the government of Sudan has been able with the support of partners, the UN and civil society organizations to deliver the services through 410 centers for treatment, 375 centers for preventing vertical transmission of the disease from mothers to children and 298 centers for psychological counselling and voluntary checking for AIDS virus besides 26 centers for AIDS and TB treatment.
She affirmed that diagnostic and treatment services are provided free of charge to all people living with AIDS virus and AIDS patients in collaboration with the international fund for combating AIDS, TB and malaria diseases.
Sayida Widad called for provision of resources to ensure continuation of extending high-quality services for combating the disease,.
She pointed out that she has joined the African First Ladies Organization since its establishment as a mechanism for combating spread of AIDS virus in the African continent, pledging to extend all support for the process of combating the disease in Sudan till stopping new infections and deaths related to the disease and ending discrimination against people living with AIDS virus.
Sayida Widad expressed appreciation to the efforts being exerted by the People’s Republic of China for supporting sustainable development in Africa and for combating AIDS, which is considered one of the major impediments for development.