Current Date:

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Sudan Affirms Continuation of its Sponsorship to Efforts for Realizing Peace in S. Sudan

Khartoum- The Sudanese government has reaffirmed continuation of its sponsorship to the efforts for realizing peace and stability in South Sudan and working for

implementation of the peace agreement that was reached by the parties in Khartoum on the ground to enable South Sudanese refugees and IDPs to return to their home areas.
State Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Abdallah Idriss said at the opening session of a workshop on involving South Sudanese refugees in the peace agreement, which was held at the Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies in Khartoum yesterday, President Omer Al Bashir would continue his role and his mission would not stop by signing the peace agreement, but his sponsorship to it would continue to guarantee commitment of the parties to its implementation in a way that allows the return of South Sudanese refugees and IDPs to their home areas to practice their ordinary life.
The State Minister affirmed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would continue to assume the required role for implementation of South Sudan peace agreement, expressing confidence that the parties would be committed to the agreement, lauding the good reception accorded by the Sudanese to the refugees from South Sudan.
The Representative of IGAD, on his part, said that the organization has exerted great efforts for reaching South Sudan peace agreement, lauding the efforts of the Sudanese government in hosting and sponsoring the peace talks that has culminated in signing a peace agreement that would end the suffering of South Sudanese refugees and IDPs, affirming continuation of the efforts of IGAD in helping them to return to home areas and involving them in implementation of the peace accord.
The Sudanese Commissioner for Refugees, Hamad Al Jezouli, on his part, pointed out that outbreak of war in South Sudan in 2016 led to about three million refugees in a number of countries as Sudan hosts 1.3 million refugees in four states of the country, who found welcome from the Sudanese and shared with them basic services including health and education.
He affirmed that after signing of the peace agreement the government saw importance of involving the refugees in the peace process, indicating that a number of refugees in Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Congo and Central Africa Republic participate in the workshop, affirming that the response by the international community to the needs of refugees in Sudan is still weak.
Meanwhile, Special Advisor to the High Commissioner/ Regional Refugee Coordinator  for the South Sudan Situation Arnauld. A .kodjenou, on his party, congratulated the political forces and stakeholders OF South Sudan on signing the peace agreement, expressing appreciation to the Sudanese government for leading the peace process for South Sudan and allowing involving the refugees and IDPs in this process.
He called on the parties to South Sudan peace agreement to be committed to the implementation of the peace agreement on the ground to enable the return of refugees and IDPs to their home areas, affirming participation of some 20 refugees from neighboring countries to South Sudan in the workshop, a matter that would make the peace process in South Sudan more inclusive and sustainable, lauding support of the IGAD to the initiative.