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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Presidency: Sudan Committed to Cooperation with International Community for Combating Human Trafficking

Khartoum – (Muawad - Neimat–Najat – Haffya ) The Presidency renewed Sudan commitment and participation with the world community to implement all conventions and

regional and international charters concerning human rights and combating the human trafficking. This came when Vice President, Hassabo Mohammed Abdul Rahman was addressing the opening session of a forum organized by Sudan Vision under the theme (Together against Human Trafficking) yesterday Tuesday 4th September 2018 at Corinthia – Khartoum. The Forum is organized simultaneously with the International Day for Combating Human Trafficking.
Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman, Vice President of the Republic explained that Sudan has a vision for Sudan free of human trafficking. He said this comes in the context of Sudan efforts to play its role towards humanity, and its believe in freedom of rights.
The Vice President of the Republic described human trafficking as international phenomenon, and it is one of the shapes of organized crime. He stressed the importance of providing protection, justice, rights to the victims of the human trafficking that enabling them to have their rights in all legal procedures and to recognize their rights.
Hassabo indicated that Sudan upgraded the committee of combating human trafficking   to a national committee to strengthen the political will, pointing out that the committee is working now on revising the national strategy, and the national legislations. He said that Sudan is exerting great efforts to combat the human trafficking. 
Osama Faisal, State Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, chairperson of board of directors of Sudan Vision, shed lights on the importance of raising awareness with the threats and danger of the human trafficking.
Faisal explained that Sudan has many partnerships with states, organizations and governmental bodies to face the big challenge represented in this phenomenon. He also noted to that the government has set strategy and laws to curb this phenomenon. This is besides issuance of legislations that combat human trafficking and those who practice it.
The State Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added Sudan has strong political will to curb this phenomenon, besides setting strategy with the European Union (EU) and other States to combat human trafficking. He assured that Sudan is working and exerted great efforts in this regard and cooperated with many bodies. 
Meanwhile, Sahar Faroug al Bushra, the General Manager of Sudan Vision, welcomed the partners and participants of top officials from the Presidency, UN organizations, diplomats, NGOs, civil society and the various mass media. She shed light on idea of organizing the forum on human trafficking under the theme of “Together against Human Trafficking,” pointing to the importannce of discussing such serious issues as well as to the role of the mass media in raising awareness and informing with the negative impact of human trafficking.