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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Ethiopia: The Three Countries Found Way Out for GERD Crisis

Khartoum-- (Agencies) Ethiopian Ambassador to Khartoum said, Saturday, that Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt had created a way out of GERD crisis during the recent meeting in

Addis Ababa, noting that the three countries had reached a comprehensive agreement on the dam
The ambassador said, in a press statement, that the upcoming Cairo meeting would be an extension of what was agreed in Addis Ababa, noting that 65 percent of the dam project had been completed, indicating that the practical aspects and the atmosphere surrounding the negotiations confirmed that the crisis would be resolved after the three countries agree to technical aspects, adding, "GERD serves the interests of the three countries and we will soon celebrate its completion."
Talks of foreign and water ministers and intelligence directors of the Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia, last May, had made a breakthrough in bridging differences represented in the introductory report of the consultant and the filling of the dam built by Ethiopia on the Blue Nile, where the ministers and intelligence chiefs signed agreement  document which included holding a summit of the three heads of state to boost regional cooperation, twice a year, to be hosted among the three countries alternately.