Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

NISS Director: Anti-corruption Campaign Comes in Context of Good Governance

Melliet/Khartoum - Director General of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) 1st Lt. Gen. Salah Abdullah has affirmed that the issue of Darfur had been used

for bargaining for undermining the independence, sovereignty and unity of the Sudan.
The Director General of NISS was addressing a gathering of political and popular leaderships at Melliet Locality in North Darfur State after inaugurating buildings of NISS in the area, affirming that NISS is ready to control outlaws who commit crimes against the citizens, stressing that the government will press ahead with the weapons collection campaign in the country.
Salah Abdullah pointed out that the country is heading towards a new phase of building peace, boosting stability and maintaining the rule of law and realizing the requirements of the National Dialogue.
He added that the method of dialogue that was started by the President of the Republic, would continue and that all issues would be resolved through dialogue and negotiations, referring to the campaign for combating administrative and financial corruption, saying that it comes in the context of good governance and in affirmation of transparency and guaranteeing the rights and duties of the citizens.
The NISS Director General affirmed that the security organs would deal decisively with any deviations, saying that real criteria would be competency and integrity, stressing the importance of education and peaceful coexistence in the locality.
He reviewed the priorities and requirements of the coming phase concerning buildings of institutions and increasing their efficiency, praising the level of security and stability that has been realized in the state.
NISS units are performing their interactive role with the society, he said.
The Governor of North Darfur State, Abdul-Wahid Yousuf Ibrahim, on his part, affirmed that his state is enjoying peace and stability in all its localities, saying that the citizens and trade are moving smoothly in all parts of the state.
He pointed out that the government of the state is giving priority in the coming period to the removal of the effects of war.
The Governor affirmed that the weapons collection operation in the state is continuing and has made big strides, stressing the importance of restoration of the social fabric among the components of the society and giving concern to the issues of the IDPs and development.
He praised the increasing role of NISS in the state and its big achievements, saying that what has been realized of peace and stability in the state has come thanks to the efforts of NISS besides the other organs, affirming that inauguration of the security unit in Melliet is considered as a real addition to the process of security and stability.
Commissioner of Melliet Locality Brig. (Police) Abdul-Karim Yagoub, on his part, has affirmed that the locality is now enjoying full security and stability, calling for reactivation of Melliet Custom’s station and facilitation of trade movement with neighboring Libya.