Current Date:

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Arms Collection Contributed to Stability in Darfur

Khartoum - The government of North Darfur State has announced that the weapons collection campaign has realized

in its first phase positive results thanks to the response it has found from the society of boosting peace in the state and ensuring security for the citizens and their properties.
Governor of North Darfur State Abdel-Wahid Yusuf, speaking from Al Fashir, said the increase of the voluntary return of the citizens to their areas and the stability Darfur witnesses now shows success of the weapons collection operation launched by the government.
Yusuf affirmed that the security organs would continue the weapons collection operation in all localities of North Darfur State to ensure the prevalence of the rule of law and consolidate the peace that has been realized in Darfur.
He stressed that the decision on weapons collection is a pure Sudanese one away from any external interventions.
The governor pointed out that the voluntary return of the citizens to their original areas is progressing well as planned, noting that the total number of the returnees in North Darfur State has reached 45000, attributing the increase to the stability of the security situation following the weapons collection campaign.
He also referred to the marked drop in the crime rate in Darfur according to police records besides resumption of studies at schools in the area that had remained closed by the war. This is besides reduction in conflicts between farmers and herdsmen.
The Governor, meanwhile, reviewed his government’s efforts as part of Zero Thirsty Project, indicating that some 25 wells have been dug in Al-Malha Locality a matter that has boosted stability in the area besides implementation of other projects in the fields of health and education.
He announced that work in the 110-kilometer-long Al-Fashir-Kutum road project is progressing well, adding that construction work in Kutum-Karnoii -Tenah-Al Fashir would begin soon.