Current Date:

Monday, 19 November 2018

Armed Forces Seizes Illegal Weapons and Ammunition in Gedarif State

Khartoum - A military unit of the Second Infantry Division of the Armed Forces in Gedarif State has seized a cache of illegal weapons at Doka area at Eastern Galabat Locality that included 157 pieces of 9mm pistols and five thousand bullets of Kalashnikov rifle.
Governor of Gedarif State Engineer Mirghani Salih hailed when he visited the command of the Second Infantry Division yesterday accompanied by members of the security committee of the state hailed the Armed Forces and the other regular forces for maintaining security and stability in the country and defending the homeland.
He affirmed that the security organs in the state are capable of guarantying prevalence of security and stability, noting that the weapons collection operation in the state is at the end of its voluntary stage and calling on all citizens to cooperate for its success.
Commander of the Second Infantry Division Maj. Gen. Al-Sadig Khalid Al Bashir, on his part, explained that the cache of illegal weapons and ammunitions was seized by an intelligence force of the Division at Doka town, noting that the value of the seized weapons amounts to four billion Sudanese pounds.
He called on all citizens who possess weapons to hand them over immediately, affirming the capability of the Armed Forces and the other regular forces to accomplish the weapons collection process in the state.