Current Date:

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Minister of Guidance and Endowments Receives Sheiks of Sufism Sect

Khartoum – Dr. Abu Bakr Osman Ibrahim, Minister of Guidance and Endowments received yesterday Tuesday 13th February 2018, at the ministry a delegation of Sheiks and religious leaders represented Ahmedi and Idrisi Sufism sect. The delegation was headed by Professor Abdulwahab Al-Tazi, chairperson of the sect in the Islamic World . The delegate discussed with ministry and top officials at the ministry of guidance and endowments  many topics concerned Daawa and the importance of coordination in unifying the speech of Daawa in the framework  moderation and simplicity,  particularly in issues of topics of different views and opinions concern Daawa .
The minister and the visiting delegation of Sufi sect discussed the role of Mosques in solving the current issues in the society, and the importance of commitment to consider the mosque as a place for learning and worship, and avoiding extremism and the difference leads to disputes or religious violence.
Ministry of Guidance and Endowments and as part of its role in the society, had received high level delegates from different religious sects in Sudan and from all over the world, Muslims and Christians as part of the religious coexistence process in Sudan where Muslims and Christians are living friendly and in peace.