Current Date:

Monday, 19 November 2018

Al-Rikabi Tables Budget before Parliament, with 28.4 Billion Sudanese Pounds Deficit

Khartoum - Sudanese Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Mohamed Osman Al Rikabi has tabled the budget project for the year 2018 before the National Assembly

with an overall volume of the budget amounting to 127.2 billion Sudanese pounds at percentage of 68% while the total deficit of the 2018 budget has totaled 28.4 billion Sudanese pounds at a percentage of 2.4% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
The Minister expected the volume of the collected budget to reach 210.6 billion Sudanese pounds.
The economic sector which is affiliated to the Council of Ministers has earlier approved the budget project for the coming financial  year which is targeting the realization of an economic growth of 4% in the year 2018.
Spending on security, defense and National Intelligence and Security system , rapid support system has totaled 23 billion 888313495 Sudanese  pounds at a percentage of 16.37%  of the total expenditures (127.2) billions while spending on health  totaled 2505 billion at a percentage of2.02% , education 4.548 billion at a percentage of 3.65% and the spending on the national  legislative and executive bodies including the National Assembly and The States Council totaled 2.400 billion Sudanese pounds while the Ministry of Interior was offered 6.484 billion Sudanese pounds and the spending on the hospitals of the National Security and Intelligence Service amounted to 135 million Sudanese pounds.
Al-Rikabi said while tabling the budget before the parliament that in Sunday’s session that tax revenues have totaled 75.1 billion Sudanese pounds at a percentage of 64% of the total revenues and noted that the grants are estimated at 8.1 billion Sudanese pounds of the total revenues while the revenues of the non-financial assets amounted to 600 million Sudanese pounds at a percentage and the financial assets 343 million Sudanese pounds.