Current Date:

Thursday, 15 November 2018

President to Visit Northern State Sunday

Khartoum - President Al Bashir is scheduled to visit Northern State next Sunday to inaugurate a number of development and service projects there.
During his visit, the president will inaugurate a 90-kilometer road linking the towns of Dongola and Kajabar, in addition a 100-kilometer road connecting the regions of Al-Silaim and Nawa. The roads construction projects are being carried out by Zadna Company.
The President will also open Golid Hospital, which has recently been refurbished – thanks to efforts of the local government to fit the hospital with much needed modern medical devices and equipment. After the refurbishment, the hospital now is supplied with fully equipped kidney section.
President Al Bashir will a dress a mass rally in the Northern State besides inaugurate public facilities, including branches for the Islamic University of Omdurman, a agricultural bank, in addition launching the fourth edition of Berkel tourist and cultural Festival, in addition to opening Berkel economic housing city made up of 400 residential units and 2 primary schools and a mosque constructed at an estimated cost of 79 million Sudanese pounds.
Additional contracts are expected to be signed during the president's visits for the construction of 400 housing units in the localities of Dabba and Halfa, 200 units for each.
Al Bashir will further inspect historical sites in Maroe and grace a symposium by the International University of Africa on the History and civilization of Dafar Islamic Kingdom.