Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Sudan and China to Generate Electricity from Nuclear Energy

Khartoum-Sudan government represented into ministry of water resources, irrigation and electricity

, and oil, gas and minerals signed a frame agreement, with the Chinese National Foundation for Nuclear Energy CNFNE to develop relations in generating electricity from nuclear energy and Uranium mining.  
The agreement is to provide support to Sudan in the preparatory phase to construct the first nuclear station in Sudan (capacity building and studies of the site). It involved also exploring Uranium in Sudan.
Engineer Musa Omer Abu al Gasim, general Director of Dams Implementing Unit, head of the committee of implanting the  Sudanese nuclear program signed on behalf of Sudan, meanwhile , the general director of the CNFNE signed on behalf of the Chinese side .
The signing ceremony was attended by Engineer Abd Allah al Magali, the general director of Electricity Holding Company, and Mohamed Salah, the consultant at the Sudanese Embassy in Beijing.
The signing of the agreement came in the context of Belt and Road Summit held on 18th October 2018.