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Friday, 14 December 2018

Minerals Promises to Improve the Environment of Labor

Khartoum- Police, Lt. Gen. Awad al Nil Dahia , state minister at the ministry of Oil

, Gas and minerals, promised to improve the environment of labor at his ministry . This came when visiting yesterday Sunday 30th September 2108, the different departs and administrations of minerals at the ministry. His visit included the technical administrations, and the GRASS. He stood on the ongoing of work at these administrations.
He promised to solve all problems of minerals through these field visits, in order to increase product and productivity, considering minerals as one of the main supporters and components of the Sudanese economy .
 It worth mentioning that Police Lt. Gen. Dahia, the state minister at the ministry of oil , gas and minerals was  accompanied by Dr.Nagm alDin  Dawood , undersecretary of the ministry , and Dr. Mohamed Abu Fatima , Director General of Geological Research Authority Sudan (GRAS ) .