Current Date:

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Sudan and German Company to Establish Solar Energy Power Plants

Sudan government represented into the ministries of Finance, minerals, water resources

, irrigation and electricity signed last week an agreement with a German company (Brezema) to generate electricity from solar energy, besides strengthening the networks of transforming electricity, the sub stations. In addition to exporting 2 millions of white sands, with a participation of ADD German company. 
The agreement texted that Brezema Company will bring  mining equipment used in filtering the white sands rich of silicon in the river Nile state and Bara area in north Kordufan state .
It is also said that additional value will be added to the white sands through some chemical treatment and procedures before exporting. in addition to open accredits the value of the packing  sands before exporting , at the Central Bank of Sudan CBS .
General manager of the electricity company, Salih Ali Abd Allah described the signing of this agreement as a new opening for Sudan , and selective …..for infrastructure of electricity in all parts of Sudan .  He described white sands as of the top quality in Africa where silicon represents more than 90% .
It worth mentioning that white sands in Sudan is more than 3 billion tons .