Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Turkey Funds Agricultural Project in Sennar State

Sennar (SUNA) – The acting Governor of Sennar State and Minister of Agriculture, Engineer, Azhari Khaafalla

, announced that the Turkish Government is working to establish a development project in partnership with the government of Sudan, indicating that they choose Doba Area, East Sennar Locality, to establish the project at the cost of 800 million dollars.
This came in enlightenment meeting that was headed by him in presence of East Sennar Locality's Commissioner, Abdul-Rahman Adam Abdul-Gadir, Khalafalla.
He gave a detailed briefing on the project as the developmental one and aims for boosting the agricultural and livestock production, pointing out that it is an integrated agricultural processing and livestock project, adding that it is being established at an area of 60 thousands acres.