Khartoum - The Meeting of the Board of Shareholders of the Arab Authority for investment and agricultural development

in the Kingdom of Jordan was held during the period10 - 11  April 2018 as part of the annual joint meetings of the financial bodies
About 1,000 participants from various governmental, global and Arab investment institutions were involved in the conference and a large group of businessmen and investors
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Economic Affairs of Jordan Dr.Jaafar Hassan, addressed the opening session, explaining that hat the  meeting  is  an important channel for consultation, to  exchange  views and experiences, and to  evaluate  the achievements of the  institutions during their long  achievements and challenges, and to strengthen  their role in establishing the foundations of economic integration and joint Arab action
Mohammed Obaid Al Mazroui, chairman of the Arab Authority for investment and agricultural development, praised the king of the  Kingdom of Jordan for the  kind patronage  of the annual joint meetings of Arab financial bodies and thanked  Sudan and the United Arab Emirates for hosting the main headquarters in Khartoum and the regional office in Dubai and for the support and facilities they provide to the authority
The board's data for the year 2017  amounted  US $894 million compared  813 million US dollars for the previous year