Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Forests Conference Convenes Today

Khartoum –Under the auspice of the Presidency of the Republic and the Minister of Agriculture and Forests

, and in the context of the national week of Agriculture, Forests conference convenes today from 20th-21st March 2018 , under the theme for the sake of greenly Sudan.
The conference to discuss forests situations in Sudan, its protection, development in collaboration with the private sector, and the local communities and other partners. It aims to rehabilitate forests, combating desertification, rehabilitation of Gum Arabic, protection biodiversity, improving environmental systems in Sudan.
The conference to discuss many topic including explaining the importance and role of forests in Sudan. The current situation of the resources, the problems and challenges. The role of the national corporation of forests in setting the public policies of the state. The vertical and horizontal relations of forests with the concerned bodies. The current Policies and laws, its contradiction with the states. The importance of wood and non -wood products to support forests sector inn investing in non- wood products. Supporting of environmental tourism in the fields that attract the friend countries.
It covers two aspects to realize its aims represent into the current status of forests in Sudan. Developing forests resources. Scientific working papers will present during the two days of the conference include development of forests and its integration with the wildlife, agriculture, and pastry. The ability of Sudan to enter in Carbon international market, developing of non- wood products with its all sorts.