Current Date:

Friday, 23 March 2018

Sennar State Exports Bananas to the International Markets

Khartoum –Sennar state exports 18,186 tons of Bananas to the international markets, 180,000 tons to the different states, this year

. Sennar contributed with more than 70% of the total export of Bananas in Sudan.
Engineer Mohamed Osman, manager of Gardens sector at the ministry of agriculture and animal resources in Sennar state explained in press statements that his state described with a very high product of Bananas in an area of 10,000 feddans which represents 75% of the total area. He noted that Sennar state -exports Bananas product to Syria, Jordan.
He pointed to that preparations are completed to establish Gardens, exports center, noted to the two private centers. He noted to the state natural resources which present a  promising horizons for gardens product, beside a product of high quality to cover the needs of the external markets particularly Bananas , Mango , lemon Grape fruits and Orange , in addition to the vegetables such include  onion , tomato , pepper and pumpkins .