KHARTOUM (Rogia al-Shafee - Sudanow) - Twins are always associated with joking, trickery, pranks and other amusing stories

. This is always because of the unusual similarity in body building and facial features identical twins may share. It is often very difficult to differentiate between identical twins however a person might try not to mistake one of them for the other, be they grown up adults or just young kids.

A World of Fun

A man hailing from Upper Egypt ran a big restaurant in Meroe Town in Northern Sudan in the 1960s. The man married a woman from the district who used to give birth to two twins each time, until he had 14 children, all males. Then his wife gave birth to a single girl and died after delivery. The man had a beautiful donkey that also used to give birth to twin donkeys in concurrence with his wife’s births. Twins are very rare in the world of donkeys. Then that highly reproductive donkey one day fell from a ferry and sank in the River Nile.
Outstanding Singer Abdelaziz Mohammad Da’ood, also known for his clever jokes, was once hospitalized for some ailment. The famous singers Atbara identical twins Hassan and Hussein used to make tricks for their friends. Hassan went to visit Da’ood in hospital and introduced himself to him. Da’ood asked Hassan about his twin Hussein and how he was. “He is all right. I left him back home and he said he would come to see you in hospital in a short while,” said Hassan.
Then Hassan went outside for some time and then came back and introduced himself as Hussein. Da’ood thanked him for the visit and told him his twin Hassan had been with him a short while ago!
Two of Sudan’s most famous identical twins are Hassan and Hussein Sayih from the Dewaim District, the White Nile District. They were good football players. During an important football match, Referee Ahmed Aldaw showed a yellow card to one of the twins. The players’ shirts were not numbered, so the Referee just wrote the offender’s name. Then the twin made another foul and the Referee showed him a yellow followed by a red card. The twin argued that the first offense was committed by his twin brother who played for the other team and not him. The perplexed Referee had no choice but to shout out “The Sayih brothers, one of you should get out!”
One of the most famous police cases happened when a twin named Hassan committed a felony and was jailed for three months. His twin brother Hussein was so upset by what happened to his twin Hassan. But very soon he found a solution. At night he took supper to his brother in jail. He was permitted to take the food to his brother in the cell. Down there he quickly exchanged clothes with his twin who left the jail to spend the night with his family. They continued to do so until the prison term was over.
Female Twins
Female twins have a lot of stories of mistaken identity to tell: Twins Tarteel and Tanzeel (16) are so identical that even family members could not tell who is who, save their mother and father. That is why they used to make lots of tricks. Their mother Ena’am says the girl Tarteel had no interest in household duties, contrary to her sister Tanzeel. One day the mother asked the girl Tarteel to do something for their grandmother next door, an order the girl did not like to obey. Here Tanzeel readily went to the grandmother’s home and did the job to the pleasure and applause of the grandma who mistook her for the lazy twin.
Tarteel and Tanzeel’s uncle who worked abroad used to fail to distinguish between them when he was visiting Sudan. They used to ask him to pay a fine every time he failed to say which isTanzeel and which is Tarteel. One Friday when their uncle was going to the mosque for prayer, he heard their father calling Tanzeel. The uncle noticed that Tanzeel was putting on a different dress from that worn by Tarteel. “After prayer I am going to tell which is which and then you will have to pay me,” he said and went out. They thought it over and concluded that he had identified Tarteel from her dress. They quickly rushed to the room and exchanged dresses. When the uncle was back, he mistook Tarteel for Tanzeel and both girls broke in laughter and told him they had exchanged dresses.
Tarteel and Tanzeel are very much similar: in talents and in hobbies. Even when one of them falls sick the other would also fall ill.
Um Alhassan and Um Alhussein (60) are two identical twins from Omdurman City. They are always together during happy and sad occasions. They share a one chair during such gatherings. When they grew up Um Alhassan married a man and settled with him in Omdurman while Um Alhussein married a man from Khartoum. Because they were busy looking after their respective families, they agreed to represent each other in social occasions, doing so alternately. Whenever one of them went out for such a social duty, she would take with her spare dresses and when she would finish that social duty, she would slip by to any neighboring house and put a different dress and come to pose as her absent twin, sometimes forced to take the meal that should go to her absent sister just to hide her identity. One day a relative of the two approached Um Alhassan about her sister Um Alhussein during a social event. “I am Um Alhussein,” she said , just out of forgetfulness. Realizing that she would be in real trouble if the relative would discover the trick,  she pretended to talk to another woman in the gathering and fled home.
Because they were so close to each other, Um Alhassan chose Um Alhussein’s daughter as a wife for her son and brought her to live with them. And when she would fall ill, she would tell her niece to quickly go to see her mother, because she is sure her twin sister is ill! That is exactly what happens. When the girl would go home, she would find that her mother has fallen ill. And when her mother recovers, she would return home to find that her aunt has recovered also.
What Science Says
Clinical Bio- chemistry Professor Abdallah Altoam said the term twins is used to mean two or more births from one pregnancy. Difference in time of births is just a few minutes or hours. There are two types of twins: The identical twins who are very much similar in shape and the dissimilar twins.
This refers back to the time of fertilization in the mother’s womb, where twins develop from one egg fertilized by more than one sperm. Here we get more than one fetus. Dissimilar twins result from the fertilization of more than one egg by more than one sperm.
By and large, no clear reasons have been discovered yet for what causes the growth of twins inside the mother’s womb save some suggestions that include.
 -Excess tallness and weight in some women. Here it was noticed the possibility of the conception of twins.
-When the mother is lactating. Here the possibility of conceiving twins becomes bigger.
-Hereditary factors increase the chances of conceiving twins.
-Pregnancy at a late age (after 35 years).
-Some foods are believed to increase the chances of having twins.
-After the birth of twins there is a chance that other similar pregnancies may occur.
Twins Day
Twins phenomenon receives attention worldwide. An annual festival is organized for the twins by the end of the first week of August in Twinsburg, the city of twins, in Ohio State in the U.S.A. Twinsburg acquired this name two centuries ago when two identical twins lived there. Thousands of twins flock to the city to attend a long program that includes open air sightseeing walks beside talent shows and contests for the most identical twins, in what had become the biggest twin congregations in the World.
All through the festival, scientists conduct studies about twins, under the auspices of the FBI, Notre Dame University and West Virginia University.
Twins give worldwide bio-medicine scientists a valuable chance to decipher the effect of genes and the surrounding environment on human development. Because identical twins result from one fertilized egg that divides into two, the twins share approximately the same genome. Any other difference in the shape of twins is consequently attributed to the surrounding environment, like long exposure to sunlight.