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Twins: A World of Love and Fun (1-2)

KHARTOUM  (Rogia al-Shafee - Sudanow) - Twins are always associated with joking, trickery, pranks and other amusing stories

. This is always because of the unusual similarity in body building and facial features identical twins may share. It is often very difficult to differentiate between identical twins however a person might try not to mistake one of them for the other, be they grown up adults or just young kids.
There are twins who are largely identical and there are others who are not.
There are triplets and there are quadruplets.
There are families who are known to have twins, though science has ruled out the hereditary factor in such cases. Some scientists attribute the birth of twins to biological factors.
People in general are interested in what twins say and do and the jokes and tricks they make in the society around them. The most interesting tricks committed by identical twins may occur in difficult situations, in legal cases and in financial transactions.
Public Welcome

Twins often have a special position in the society that usually adores them. The birth of twins in the family is always seen as a good omen, a blessing, and a sign of financial affluence that could descend upon the family.
Twin Names

Twins are usually given names that nearly sound very similar with slight differences: Hassan and Hussein. Ahmed and Mohammed, Samir and Tamir for boys. Twin girls may carry such names as Um Alhassan and Um Alussein, Siham and Elham, Tarteel and Tanzeel and so on.
Twins are loved by their family members and the rest of their respective clans and neighbors.
From their early childhood, twins demonstrate the traits of boldness and moral courage. This lends them the admiration of the social environment in which they live. The bravery twins often demonstrate may be attributed to the fact that each one of them has a feeling that his twin brother or sister is always by his/her side when the need arises.
Unlike other brothers in the same family, twins are never jealous from each other.
Twin sisters are usually more beautiful than the other girls in the family.
A twin always cherishes a special love for his other twin. This is very much demonstrated in the Sudanese romantic lyric when the loved one is often described as: toamti or toami (my twin), according to the gender of that sweetheart.
A Closer Look

To get a closer look at this category, Sudanow Magazine, has navigated into the world of twins, a world full of anecdotes, jokes and wonder.
We began by Gynecologist Usama Mohammad Ahmed at the Alsaggay Hospital in Khartoum North’s Rural District, who recollected that one day he received a woman in labor. The woman had not had follow up in the hospital during her pregnancy. Neither she nor her accompanying husband had any idea that they were going to have twins, triplets to be specific. Dr. Usama helped her naturally deliver the first baby and the nurse showed it to the father who was standing outside the operation theatre. Immediately after that the woman gave birth to the second baby. The nurse also took it and showed it to the father, who was so excited to have twins that he rushed to tell standing-by his relatives about what he got. Then the woman delivered the third baby and the nurse also took it to the farther who shouted: “Where on Earth shall I put him?!”
In another case a woman was diagnosed with triplets. But when she delivered just two, their suspicious father filed a legal complaint that the hospital staff had stolen his baby. After some court hearings, the judge exonerated the hospital on the grounds of wrong diagnosis.
Twins Cling To Each Other

Ahmed (boy) and Eethar (girl) Khalifa (6 years old) are twins from the City of Atbara. Their mother Eeman Abbashar says they were bound by a close relationship since their birth. Even when of them falls ill the other would also immediately fall ill. On certain occasions their mother would take one of them to the clinic, and upon return home she would find the other one very ill and would also take him to the clinic.
Adds their mother Eeman: After they grew up they became very daring and quarrelsome. They have high intelligence and have developed an amazing ability to imitate and mimic adults. They imitate each other in everything: in dressing, in going to the bathroom and in the way they eat. One day I took Ahmed to the neighbor’s house who gave him a chocolate. Before he would grip the chocolate he asked the host: And where is Eethar’s? The host wondered how this baby would ask about his sister’s chocolate before he would take his.
Eeman said her babies would often engage in quite an intelligible dialogue during their sleep when one of them would ask the other a question and the other would clearly give him an answer. And when one of them happens to cry, the other would ask him why he was crying. They would sometimes hit each other but neither of them would accept his twin to be hit by another person.
Marwa (girl) and Mohammad (boy) Yasin (10) are so close to each other. Their mother Sana’a Sheikh Idris says they are so close and in love with each other that when one of them moves or wakes up when they are asleep, the other would also move or wake up. The first thing they would do when they get up is to hug each other as if they are just back from travel. And if one of them happens to feel any pain or complain from something, the other would feel the same.
Sana’a shares Eeman the view that twin boys are very careful that their sisters not be approached by boys. The twins are very clever and have an ability to analyze matters, she said.
Sawsan Alsir, mother of twin girls Rahaf and Ritaj (6) said they are clever, wise and have the ability to analyze things and imitate others. When they were back from the kindergarten they used to reproduce what they saw at the kindergarten, one of them role–playing their teacher and the other playing the role of the kids. They do this in dialogue form. This always kept their mother well informed about how they were progressing. When they moved to school, they one day saw a girl crying for fear the teacher might punish her for failing to do her homework. Ritaj told the girl: I have a solution for you .. but there is lying in it! We know that lying is forbidden. But just lie for today to get out of this problem. Tell the teacher you have forgotten to bring the exercise book with you. This is an indication that the twins have good understanding and are capable of getting out of problems.
Twin Jokes

Male identical twins Hassan and Hussein applied for the elementary school. Because the number of applicants was far higher than the available seats, there was a need for a draw. Hussein pulled the winning card to the dismay of his twin brother Hassan who cried too much until his twin told him not to worry. “There is a solution: One day I go to school and you go the next day,” said Hussein. And they did: each explaining to his brother the lessons of the previous day.
But one day the education inspector happened to visit the school. And Hassan was there. When the attendance was taken and the names were announced, the teacher asked about Hussein… where he was. Here Hassan said “Hussein is at home. It is my turn today!” He explained the matter to the audience. Here the inspector asked Hassan to rush to his house and bring Hussein to school. The inspector then ordered both twins to be enrolled.
Spiritual Bond

Sudanow has talked to a number of grown up twins. Hassan and Hussein Altoam are two identical twins from the City of Omdurman. It is very difficult to differentiate between them, not even their parents could do that. They were very close to each other and each felt deep for the other. When they grew up they travelled to work abroad and also returned together. They both found jobs at the Electricity Public Corporation: Hassan occupied an office job and used to return home at 4p.m, while Hussein worked for the emergency section and used to return home at 10 p.m.
Their mother Hajja Ai’esha says one day after sunset Hussein all of a sudden felt very anxious and feverish. He started to go to the bath to wet his body with water every now and then. Then he went to the kitchen, took a plastic bag and put some sugar, tea, juice and a spoon in it. Then he took his clothes, a pajama and a pillow, wrapped them in a bag and sat down as if waiting for someone. Their mother became very anxious because of what she saw and asked him what was up. He said he had a feeling that something wrong had happened to his brother and was taken to hospital, so he decided to prepare himself. Before he could finish his dialogue with his mother, they heard the sound of the Corporation’s transport vehicle draw to a halt in front of their house. Hussein rushed outside carrying his belongings with him. When their colleagues in the car saw he was prepared to go with them, they asked: So you know what has happened?
“What has happened?,” he asked. They told him that his brother Hassan sustained burns when a big transformer exploded in his face and that he was now in hospital. He rode the car with them and stayed beside his twin until he recovered. After that fire it became easy to distinguish Hassan from Hussein!
Another twins Hassan and Hussein were so identical. Hassan joined the police and became a trainer at the police college. Hussein became a civil servant without any knowledge of military matters. Hassan travelled to the United Arab Emirates to serve in its police force and settled down with his family there. Hussein did not like it this way and decided to join his brother when there is a chance in the U.A.E police force. When vacancies were announced Hassan applied for Hussein and continued to provide him with tape recordings of police lectures and lessons. Hussein continued to learn from those recordings until he mastered the basics of police work. He waited for the interview and was accepted and travelled to the Gulf country to join his twin brother.