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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Cohesion Socially, not Politically

Particularly in Sudan, the social factor compared with the political one has been found as much influential

. Politicians from the far right to the far left are noticed as complying with each others socially and harmoniously by being engaged into direct dialogue conveniently- something that is rarely existent politically.
Many different stories can be cited here as consolidating such a trend. There are Mohamed Ahmed Al Mahjoub and Mubarak Zarouq; both of them are at loggerheads politically. In the parliament, they used to criticize one another mercilessly. But once they are to meet outside, especially socially, then that is the time that they behave differently; as true close friends.
In line, there is the incumbent president of Sudan, Al Bashir, late Dr. Hassan Al-Turabi of the popular congress party and Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi of the National Umma Party. Although they have been affiliating differently, especially politically, but when it comes to meeting socially, they are no longer associated politically.  Especially in the wedding ceremonies they attend, they are noticed as no longer politicians. In an occasion they attend together, one is seen as representing the bridegroom, another the bride and the third as engaging in the completion of the wedding procedures finally.
The former leader of SPLM, late Dr. John Garang is not the exclusion from this trend. He also gives this social pattern all the due heed it deserves. The month of Ramadan, means a lot to him, especially socially. When it comes to eating and drinking during the day of Ramadan, he just refrains from doing it before his colleagues of the Northern politicians.  This happens at a time that he differs from them wholly, especially religiously and politically.
In conclusion, we can say this; in Sudan, the social component compared with the political one, is given all the due heed it deserves hugely. Intermingling of politicians, from the far right to the far left, especially socially, is but the good illustration of this.  The different and various political entities are noticed as adhering with each other cohesively and socially; a situation that is rarely perceived, especially  politically.

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