Current Date:

Monday, 19 November 2018

Editorial: EAPCCO Meetings in Khartoum

The activities of the 20th annual meeting of the Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (EAPCCO) kicked off in Khartoum with the participation of 14 countries.
The theme of this round of meeting covers the two decades of achievement in combating intercontinental and organized crime through boosting cooperation and innovation.
The meetings will discuss, among other things, the means and proposals to improve and boost the police activities, besides exchanging of information among the member states to confront all types of crimes including terrorism, illegal migration, organized crimes, drugs, and human trafficking.
EAPCCO is considered a social security system to serve all the people of the region and Sudan is considered one of EAPCCO founding states.
The meeting is a good opportunity for the member states to discuss the means of curbing the widespread of crimes.
It goes without saying that collective work among the countries  is the only way to confront such crimes which contribute directly in hindering the development cycle and lead to the escalating of poverty rates among the communities.
The broad borders of Sudan make it difficult for the government to control the spread of firearms without exerting extensive efforts and coordination with the neighbouring countries.
The meetings of EAPCCO, which will last till Thursday, would discuss the issues of illegal migration and human trafficking besides the national security of member states of the organization.
The conference aims at reaching resolutions that would boost cooperation and coordination work for prevention of crimes in the states of the region, considering the meeting as the biggest police gathering at the regional and national levels.
Let us hope that EAPCCO meetings willcontribute in the stability of the bordering areas through closing the crossing before the crime groups which represent a security and stability threat in Africa.
The security cooperation within EAPCCO member states should be at its highest to curb those crimes which threaten the economies of most of the African countries.
Our continent is in bad need to curb the activities of the terrorism groups which target the economies of the countries through its various criminal activities.